First Craft Stall

First Craft Stall


….  To the 4th of December 2014

This was us a year ago today, at our very first craft fair, held at our local church.
Brrrrr it was absolutely FREEZING! … But it was good fun and

lovely to spend some time with old friends/family from church.  We also got an appearance in the local newspaper 🙂

Nottingham Post



Though it was a freezing cold day and our pitches were outside, it wasn’t raining and it was a calm day, with no wind cutting into us and causing chaos to our stalls.  It was lovely to see and spend some time around my old church family/friends.  And a blessed relief for the day to finally arrive that my daughter and I had been working so very hard towards.  My daughter Zoe had worked so very hard to support me and help me in my work, I couldn’t have got there without her, thank you sweetheart.  (I’ll have her learning the trade in no time [wink] … )






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