How it all started …

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How it all started …

December 5th 2014

It all started as a hobby making knitted and crocheted items for my granddaughter, and then other members of my family, of which people kept

kindly commenting I should offer for sale. My Niece Kayleigh being my loudest champion, ordering products from me left right and center (I swear she would make people up she needed to buy gifts for, just to order from me), and continually going at me to make items to offer for sale to others. So I opened up a facebook page, just with the intent of sharing with others what I’d made, this in turn started to receive interest, people really did like what I’d made!

The encouragement and lovely comments about my work is a massive boost to help keep me motivated. Just the other day while sitting happily (shivering) behind my stall, obscured by the suitcase containing Tuesday Rainbow and Porridge, I overheard a lady telling her fella, that McQuaint’s was where a friend of hers had bought a lovely personalised bear, and that she’d `liked’ my facebook page, at which point I popped my head around the stall and said thank you. And lovely lady if you are reading this, thank you again for your kind encouragement. :0)

I am undergoing becoming CE certified,. This is quite an extensive task and involves quite a lot of work, tests and research. Hence the lack of young children’s products on my site at the moment, this will change in the New Year, I’m currently creating patterns and sourcing the relevant materials necessary.

So this is where I’m up to, I still need to finish my website, mainly the shop area now, as I’ve just finished making all the banners for the pages. Then I should be set to go to put into motion the gifts and keepsakes patterns that I’ve been working on. Thank you for reading. :0)


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