Why buy a Special Edition?

Why buy a Special Edition?

Special Editions aren’t just any old bear or doll you can find in their thousands upon thousands in the shops.

They are not even just a keepsake, oh no, these have been rigorously tested to the EU standard which means

they’re also safe for children to play with.   They’re specially handcrafted keepsakes, created to be cherished and adored, with that said they’re not strictly just for children either, everyone loves a bear, don’t they!?

They’re also personalised and come with their very own birth certificate and a little story about their individual characters.  They’re collectors pieces too and are authenticated with my signature.  And if all that wasn’t reason enough, they also come presented in their own case with a personalised luggage label attached …

So there you have it, that’s why, apart from the fact they’re absolutely adorable and I struggle to give each and every one of them up.   I may start out with a pattern but the character of each one presents its own self in the making …



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